10_I Hambaken

Huge prints of photographs applied to a series of blind walls in the Hambaken neighbourhood, Den Bosch. We changed the road that leads to the neighbourhood into a warm welcome.
Being asked for a residence in this neighbourhood, we experienced a friendly atmosphere, in contrast to the bad image the area has. We showed this by giving the anonymous residents an identity, literally changing the street image from closed to open.
It’s like you can see right through the walls. We made photographs of their gardens and printed them on a foil that forms in the relief of the wall.
In the same period we also made a logo and a campaign for the neighbourhood. By branding the area people can be proud by being part of it.
I Hambaken as a rip off by the famous I Amsterdam-logo.
(in collaboration with Tess van Hooff)
Het Bosche Makershuis, Zayaz,
Gemeente ‘s-Hertogenbosch