16_de wave


A moving tribute to the richness of color by Jheronimus Bosch. Bosch's use of color is one of the things that make his paintings so special. This is because he often used his pigments without mixing them. By varying the coarseness of the grit and the thickness he reached dark and light shades of the same pigment. Me and musician Thomas Rutgers together with Flik-Flak Cheerleaders will bring an ode to the pigments on the palette of Bosch: lead white, bone black, verdigris, copper resonate, azurite, madder, vermilion, led tin yellow and earth and colored clay. But the main role will play the audience, by making a wave with different pigments, fading from light to dark and back.

(Photo 1: Gerlo Beernink)




Bosch Parade 2016